Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about the My Giving Helps: The MGH Fund + United Way employee campaign.

How can I donate to My Giving Helps?

You may make a one-time gift to the MGH Fund, United Way or both at any time by clicking here. You can also make a recurring gift through payroll deduction to the MGH Fund, United Way or both during the campaign period of Sept. 6 through Sept. 30, 2016. Payroll deduction forms will be available here beginning in September.

Is my gift to My Giving Helps automatically split between the MGH Fund and United Way?

No. You will be able to designate an amount of your choice to the MGH Fund and/or the United Way. One-time gifts must be made directly to each organization for tax purposes. For payroll deduction gifts, please indicate the amount for each organization on the form. We encourage you to support both, but the choice is yours. Your gift will not be automatically split between both funds, and the campaign does not combine gifts to the MGH Fund and United Way. Please visit the Make a Gift page for more information.

Do I need to make gifts to both funds to be part of this campaign?

While you are encouraged to support the MGH Fund and United Way with a gift to each in any amount, you may choose to donate to one or the other. Your participation in the overall My Giving Helps campaign will still be recognized.

Can I volunteer to help with the My Giving Helps campaign?

Yes! We have many opportunities for you to get involved with the campaign and be a leader among your colleagues while having fun. Find out more and sign up to become a My Giving Helps Champion here.

Will my payroll deduction gift(s) to the MGH Fund and/or United Way roll over to next year?

Yes, your payroll deduction will automatically renew each year unless you cancel or modify it.

How can I update or cancel my payroll deduction?

During the My Giving Helps campaign period of Sept. 6 through Sept. 30, 2016, you may alter your payroll deduction gift or make a new payroll pledge to the MGH Fund and/or United Way here. If you would like to cancel your gift, please email

When do my payroll deductions to the MGH Fund and/or United Way begin?

New payroll deduction gifts made during the My Giving Helps campaign period of Sept. 6, 2016, through Sept. 30, 2016, will start right away.

If I make my gift through payroll deduction, is it deducted out of my pre-tax or post-tax pay?

All gifts made through payroll – whether to the MGH Fund or United Way – are post-tax, but they are fully tax-deductible. You will receive a tax statement regarding your donation to the MGH Fund from Mass General's Development Office after the first of every year. You will receive a separate tax statement from United Way if you donated via cash, check or credit card. If you made a United Way contribution via payroll deduction, you may use a pay stub or W-2 form to substantiate the annual amount withheld.

Can I make a gift in cash or by check?

Yes, cash or check donations can be mailed to the MGH Development Office at 125 Nashua St., Suite 540, Boston, MA 02114. Checks should be made out to Massachusetts General Hospital and/or United Way, and please include a note indicating that this is for the My Giving Helps campaign.

How much are people giving? What do you expect of me?

Your gift of any amount will be greatly appreciated. Whether you give a few dollars a week or make a one-time gift in any amount that you feel is appropriate, your giving does make a difference. Our goal is to encourage as many employees as possible to contribute to the MGH Fund and United Way as a means of showing Mass General's commitment to our patients, families and community. If every staff member gave just $1 a week, it would amount to more than $1 million a year!

Can I make my gift anonymous?

Yes, simply check the anonymous box on the pledge card or form you fill out.

Will my co-workers know if I gave or did not give and how much I gave?

In appreciation of our donors' generosity, we will be listing all donors to the MGH Fund and/or United Way alphabetically on the MGH Intranet. We will not be listing donors by gift amount, or if they request to be anonymous.

What if I designate my gift to another Mass General fund? Does it count?

Gifts made to a restricted fund at the hospital via the My Giving Helps campaign will count towards the overall participation goal. However, they will not be counted in the campaign's fundraising total. While we are very grateful for your support to any area of the hospital, The MGH Fund and United Way are the two recognized philanthropic priorities of Mass General and the My Giving Helps campaign.

The MGH Fund supports Mass General's overall mission, allowing us to pursue advances in medicine and research throughout the hospital. There is no corner of the hospital or clinical specialty that the MGH Fund has not touched. In fact, some areas that have received funding from the MGH Fund directly benefit our employees, such as the Ambulatory Practice of the Future and the Be Fit program. Your unrestricted gift to the MGH Fund allows the hospital to grow and thrive. We greatly encourage you to designate your gift to the MGH Fund and to ask others to do so as well.

I want to split my gift between two different areas at Mass General. Is this possible?

Yes. When you are filling out the gift form, simply write the fund names and percentage of the entire gift that you want directed to each. However, only gifts designated to the MGH Fund and/or United Way will count towards our campaign goal.

What does my gift to the MGH Fund support?

Your gift to the MGH Fund provides unrestricted dollars that touch all clinical areas of the hospital. Mass General leadership uses the MGH Fund to support particularly promising research, improve safety and patient care and foster healthcare initiatives around the globe and in our neighborhoods. Gifts to the MGH Fund keep Mass General at the forefront of modern medicine by allowing us to meet pressing opportunities and challenges in today's dynamic healthcare environment. Find out more about how your giving helps.

What does my gift to United Way support?

United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley is advancing the common good in our region by providing help today in ways that will strengthen tomorrow. The organization's work ensures that children are ready to learn when they enter school, stay engaged in learning and graduate ready to compete. The organization also ensures children are nurtured by families that have the financial stability to support both their basic needs and future success. No other single organization has the scope, expertise and influence to bring together hundreds of human services agencies, government, businesses, private foundations and dedicated volunteers around a common vision of creating maximum impact and achieving long-lasting results. Find out more about how your giving helps.

Why did you combine the campaigns for the MGH Fund and United Way?

My Giving Helps: The MGH Fund + United Way celebrates a culture of philanthropy at our hospital and reaffirms our commitment to the Mass General mission of improving the health and well-being of our patients, their families and the diverse communities we serve. By joining the MGH Fund and United Way campaigns under one umbrella, you now have the opportunity to holistically support that mission.

We also understand that being asked for donations at different times throughout the year can be confusing. By combining two of the hospital's philanthropic priorities into one campaign, we hope to make the process easier and more focused.